Wall of the Fallen – Alabama

This is a work in progress… Please forward names, photos and information that needs to be added….

The Wall of the Fallen Memorial
International Tow Museum, Chattanooga, TN

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On the map, click an icon for more information about that incident. More information about the map and a chronological list of incidents is available by clicking the arrow/square icon to the left of the map title. Share the map using the connected dots icon a the right of the map title bar. Enlarge the map using the bracketed screen icon at the far right of the map title bar. Zoom in and out using the + and – buttons on the map.

This map was created by Todd Leiss, Traffic Incident Management Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The map covers known incidents in the United States from 2018-2020 with some additional incidents prior to 2018, when available data is more limited. Any omissions or errors in the map are unintentional and will be corrected as additional information is developed.

The map is a “work in progress” and Mr. Leiss invites interested parties to notify him of additional struck by/vehicle assault deaths so he can update the map. Please email tleiss@paturnpike.com with the name, department, photo (if possible), date of the LODD, and link to a news article on the incident (if available).

Deaths in the State of Alabama

Gene Lee Schofield, Jr. – March 23, 2016

Butler County

Gene Lee Schofield Jr. of Fort Deposit was a tow truck operator for All About Towing in Montgomery. On March 23, 2016, Schofield was performing his job on the side of Interstate 65 when a drunk driver struck and killed him.

John “Bubba” William Hubbard II – Dec. 10,2016

Tuscaloosa County

John Hubbard was working on the side of the Interstate to perform a tire change the morning of December 10, 2016. John asked his customer to wait in the backseat of her vehicle while he performed the service. During his work, an accident occurred between two vehicles and one crushed the disabled vehicle into the guardrail, killing John on impact. John’s customer was in the only seat where she would not have also died in the accident.

Corey “Mad Dog” Lynn Arnold – June 29, 2017

Mobile County

Authorities from the Creola Police Dept. and the Alabama State Troopers were called out to the scene of the accident off US-43 at around 3PM. Alabama State Trooper Kevin Cook says Arnold had stopped on the tracks to disconnect from a vehicle that he had just pulled out of a ditch. As a train was approaching the truck, Arnold was reportedly attempting to remove the truck from the tracks. He was unable to do so in time, and the train struck the vehicle. As a result of the collision, Arnold was fatally injured and died at the scene.

Morris H. Welch Jr. – April 30, 2019

Marion County

Morris Welch was killed in a hit-and-run incident on Tuesday, April 30, while repairing a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of Interstate 22 in Marion County. According to Troopers, at approximately 5 a.m., repairman Morris H. Welch Jr., 56, Empire, was killed when a 2019 Freightliner struck him while he was working on a vehicle near I-22’s mile marker 25. Welch was an employee of M&M Tire and Mechanical Services in Graysville.

Richard Todd Wilson – August 22, 2019

Montgomery County

July 29, 2019 on I-85 in Montgomery, Ala. Todd Wilson of Jacobs Towing in was loading a vehicle onto his tow truck when he was struck in a multi-vehicle crash. Todd was transported to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, AL, but he would ultimately succumb to his injuries on August 22, 2019.

Jonathan Neesmith – August 22, 2019

Mobile County

On December 13, 2021, Jonathan Neesmith, a 40-year-old tow truck driver, was tragically killed when he was hit by a car while loading a disabled vehicle onto his truck. The crash occurred on Interstate 65 at mile marker 12 in Saraland, AL.